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  • A Question of Life
    A four-week study on what Scripture says about humanity, God’s design for creation, the place of the disabled, and the purpose of aging and death.
  • Apologetics: How to Defend the Faith
    In today’s society, many attacks come upon Christianity that require believers to be able to defend the faith that they rely upon. This study will help Christians understand and explain their faith.
  • At the Crossroads
    This study of midlife spirituality has been written to help middle-aged adults grow closer to God during their midlife years.
  • Be Blessed!
    Be Blessed! is a Bible study for women based on the Beatitudes from Matthew 5:1-12.
  • Catching a View of Heaven
    Catching a View of Heaven is a four-week study that will help participants realize that Heaven is a real, physical place. The various sessions discuss specifics regarding the geography, asthetics, and population of our eternal home. Groups will be challenged to invite people to go to Heaven with them and given encouragement to those who are almost home.
  • Change the World
    Many young adults are looking to change the world they live in. They understand that something is not right, and they have a desire to do their part to bring the remedy. Jesus gave the best example of how to change the world. He challenged His followers that the best way to lead was to serve. This study examines the why and the how to serving like Jesus
  • Daniel: The Interpreter of Dreams
    A biographical character study of the Old Testament prophet Daniel.
  • David – A God-ward Heart in a Drifting World
    This study of David focuses on his early years, how God chose him, the trials he faced as a result of that calling, and the powerful principles we can learn from his experiences with both God and people.
  • David – Conquering King, Conquered Man
    This study focuses on David’s years as king: his victories and defeats and the lessons he learned through them all. He was a conquering king and more important a conquered man.
  • Daybreak
    A study of God’s comfort and truth for those dealing with sadness, emotional struggles, and/or depression.
  • Digging into the Word
    We are constantly bombarded with the philosophies, principles and ideas of this world everywhere we turn. The greatest protection we have against being wrongly influenced by these forces is to entrench ourselves in the Word of God.
  • Disabled Disciples
    Through this study, group members will learn about four permanently or temporarily disabled disciples. They will teach about such things as faith, perseverance, loyalty, kindness, humility, obedience, redemption, and love.
  • Faces of the Law
    Participants in this study will understand the stability and authority of truth. Faces of the Law give the truth of Christianity substance. Out of these faces flows the true freedom of faith in God.
  • Financial Faithfulness
    This study seeks to equip the citizens of a materialistic-driven society to focus on sound biblical financial principles.
  • Finding Purpose in the Difficult Circumstances of Life
    A study based on the story of Esther to help women discover God’s purpose for their lives.
  • For Sure
    This study discusses the fears and anxieties regarding assurance that are plaguing the Church, and provides in-depth learning into the Bible, understanding what God says on the issue.
  • Four Men, One Story
    A four-week study focusing on the lives of four very different New Testament writers: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.
  • God and Me
    God and Me: Learning to grow in intimacy with God. A Bible study on spiritual disciplines such as prayer, Bible study, quiet time, and journaling.
  • God’s Compass
    This women’s study about discovering God’s will has been written to help you and your participants develop a working relationship between God’s Word and discerning His will for your life.
  • God’s Financial Plan
    God’s Financial Plan is a four week study that focuses on some basic principles of giving found in both the Old and New Testament.
  • Growing Godly Marriages
    The institution of marriage originated in Eden and continues today. Older dictionaries define marriage as a union between a man and a woman; newer dictionaries define marriage simply as the union between two people. What changed?
  • H Factor
    Jesus begins His great sermon with a description of the attitudes God desires to see in us. These attitudes are crucial in our search for the H factor—true happiness. This study will focus on those attitudes and strive to help upper elementary-aged students understand how to implement those principles into their lives.
  • Hear His Voice, Know His Calling
    It is abundantly clear from reading the Bible that God has spoken to women in the past. This study is designed to help women embrace God’s calling and better know His purpose for their lives.
  • Heritage of the Bible
    A study of the Bible’s origins: Where did it come from? Who wrote it? Is it really God’s own words? Throughout these sessions, group members will study the history and development of the Bible, the biographies of Scripture writers, God’s miraculous protection of His Word, and the Bible’s credibility.
  • Is Christianity Arrogant?
    The postmodern mindset embraces skepticism about the ability to know truth. This study helps facilitate discussion and identify ways in which we experience and communicate truth in our lives and relationships.
  • Jesus Said…
    A four-week study focusing on the timeless lessons Jesus taught for older children & pre-teens. Explore the events of Christ’s life and discover biblical principles for handling anger, frustration and disappointment.
  • Knowledge of the Perfect
    An introduction to the doctrines of Bibliology (of God’s Word), Theology Proper (of God), Christology (of Jesus Christ), and Pneumatology (of Holy Spirit).
  • Last Things
    This study will challenge you to live a life characterized by a more resolute faith, more obedient action, and urgent expectation of Christ’s return. It will help you distinguish what nearly all Christians of all times have believed from what is particular only to certain groups.
  • Leading with Distinction
    This leadership study will cover core elements of becoming a leader of distinction—a leader that will make an impact on other people’s lives for all eternity. The impact a Christian leader makes, or fails to make, will have an impact on someone’s eternal state. Therefore spiritual leaders should be the most prepared and motivated to lead.
  • Man of Minority
    A Bible study focusing on specific examples from the life of Christ that show his compassion for the helpless.
  • Mary Magdalene
    In this study, participants will gain answers from history and the Word of God to help them separate truth from tale, understanding Mary Magdalene’s place in Christ’s life and Christianity.
  • Pop Goes The Culture
    The five lessons in this study each touch on a specific element of pop culture influencing teenagers: movies, music, TV, materialism, and image.
  • Real Friendship
    Understand the role of God as friend, the importance of friendships, what true friendship looks like, and how to be a friend to the friendless. Study also evaluates practical ways to grow and care for godly friendships.
  • Real Worship
    This study focuses on what it means to worship God and why it is such an essential part of every believer’s life. While music, preaching, and other forms of shared praise are important, they are not the complete
  • Reboot
    A four week study dealing with some of the most familiar, yet difficult concepts found in God’s Word. Though none like to admit it, we are all influenced by “the spirit of this age.” Our minds become overloaded with the world system and must be rebooted through the power of Scripture.
  • Remember
    This study will help participants remember four foundations – our focus, our faith, our joy, and our heritage and in remembering.
  • Stewardship
    Christian stewardship is one of the most important topics for believers to understand. This study can be used for new converts and mature believers. The five lessons in Stewardship 101 help focus the participants’ attention to the biblical plan of giving back to God. The work of God’s kingdom is dependent on regular financial support of His people. The study reviews the topics of tithing, a life of stewardship, giving offerings in addition to the tithe, living our whole life as an offering to God and giving the gospel to others.
  • The Builders’ Builder
    In His infinite wisdom, the Creator of the cosmos brought our world into existence. When this ultimate Builder constructed us out of seemingly nothing, He gifted those made in His image with the ability to be builders themselves.
  • The Christian and Chronic Illness
    Living with chronic illness is a daunting challenge. Whether one is ill, or simply loves and cares for the ill person, chronic illness forces a person to confront issues of faith and healing. The Christian and Chronic Illness: A Biblical Perspective is a four-week study designed to provide participants with a biblical perspective of illness and healing, and some practical approaches to surviving and thriving through chronic illness.
  • The Christian Fruit Stand
    A study for children on the “Fruit of the Spirit” providing the opportunity to study the characteristics that God wants to make prevalent in their lives.
  • The Christian Home
    The Christian Home explores the Bible’s teachings on the traditional family. Participants will discuss the roles of husbands and wives, parents and children, and the role of faith in the home.
  • The Dating Dilemma
    Some young adults today are either focused on school or driven by their careers—or maybe both. Many live a life focused on relationships – friendships and dating. It is difficult for Christians to understand the dating from a Biblical worldview, while living in the 21st century. How do Christian young adults date in today’s world? How do Christians hold onto their values and standards while dating? This
  • The Gospel of Creation
    In these four sessions, we will seek to discover what the Author of Creation says and how we as believers should respond to those who doubt His record. It is important to get the word out every way possible. The following lesson titles and objectives are structured for use in newsletters, church bulletins, e-mail, and other sources such as Facebook and blogs.
  • The Man Who Died on Easter
    We all know the name of this man—Jesus. As Christians, we know Jesus is the only way to salvation. As Christians, we know He was much more than a mere man; He was God.
  • The Real Deal
    This study will lead participants to see what their core values should be, how to keep their focus where it belongs, what happens when that focus is lost, and the urgency of getting back to basics as a church.
  • The Truth About Hell
    In this study, you and your group will explore the biblical teaching of the afterlife for those who are in rebellion against God.
  • The World is Waiting
    This unit is designed to help upper elementary students understand and accept their responsibility, and to equip them for the task of sharing their faith effectively.
  • What’s the Problem?
    Studying God’s Promises to Battle the Problems of Life.
  • When Worlds Collide: Part 1
    In the face of a culture which seems increasingly antagonistic toward the claims of Christ, the temptation to avoid the world and huddle behind the safety of our church walls is very real.
  • When Worlds Collide: Part 2
    This study focuses on the seven pillars of biblical worldview that form the framework for how we view God, the world, and purpose in life.