Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase and download material from AccessBibleStudies.com?

Just find the Bible study you wish to purchase and click the ADD TO CART button.  You can continue shopping, or click the checkout button to pay to complete your order.

Once your payment has been confirmed, you will be redirected to a page where you can download your product(s).  You will also receive an email receipt and download instructions for your purchased material.  Important Note*  The Adobe .PDF files are password protected using your email address.  The links are uniquely generated and the digital content will also be “branded” with your customer information for licensing purposes.

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Can I get free samples?

Yes, you may download the first lesson of every study in pdf format. You will need Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader or other compatible software to open the pdf.

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How do I redeem my coupon code for a FREE DOWNLOAD?

If you have a (FREE DOWNLOAD) coupon code, enter the coupon code on the checkout page.  Once the coupon code has been accepted, click on the checkout button.  You will be redirected to a form to complete your order and redeem your free download.  Upon completion of the order, you will receive an email with download instructions.

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Where do I find student materials?

Reproducible student handouts are incorporated into every leader’s guide. Look for them at the end of each session. Other easy-to-find materials required for class participation may be listed in the lesson introduction.

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How many sessions do these studies include?

Typically, studies include 4 or 5 sessions. Studies with more or fewer sessions will priced accordingly.

How long are the Bible study sessions?

That depends on the leader and the group, but the material is designed for sessions lasting no more than 45 minutes to an hour.

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What ages or groups are the studies designed for?

Individual studies target coed Bible study groups, men’s studies, women’s studies, young adults, teens, and even children’s classes. See the Group listing pages and individual product descriptions for more information.

What software do I need to open the lessons?

The file format of the lessons are PDF.  If you do not have a PDF viewer, please go to Adobe’s website and download their free PDF reader.

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How many copies may I make of these studies?

You may make as many printed copies as you wish for your own local church or ministry.

May I share these studies with teachers or leaders from other churches?

You may share free samples (pdf files) with others, but our copyright prohibits sharing the studies with others outside your local church or ministry.

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May I copy and paste lessons into my own word processing software for editing?

Yes, you may copy and paste the entire text of the each lesson into your word processing or other software and edit the lessons as you wish. We only ask that you use these edited files only for your own ministry and that they not be republished or posted on any other website.

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Where can I get promotional images for these studies?

Cover images of the studies may be downloaded from our website into PowerPoint or other graphic software.  You can find them here.

My church has an account with Randall House. Can I purchase studies online and charge them to my church?

If your church has a Visa or Mastercard, you may charge the studies to their credit card, but the order must be fulfilled using the online checkout process.

Can I order these studies over the phone?

Not at present. Because of the downloadable nature of these studies, we are not equipped to issue download codes over the phone.

How often will new studies be added to the website?

About 50 studies are in the works and will be added to the website in the next few weeks. After those studies are made available, more studies will be added to the site each month. Look on the home page or sidebar for the latest studies.


What is your refund policy?

Access Bible Studies are non-refundable.  Because the content from Access Bible Studies  is digitally distributed and downloadable, refunds are not possible due to the nature of downloadable content.

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