A Question of Life

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A Question of LifeA Question of Life is a four-week study that deals with the most basic issues and difficult questions any one faces. No one likes to think about the possibility of a disabled child or a parent living out the last few years of their life in pain, but these are realities many must encounter. As Christians, we should be prepared to offer more than empty platitudes and trite sayings to those facing the hard questions of life and death.

Our study will focus on what Scripture says about our humanity, God’s design for His special creation, the place of the disabled in society and the Church, and the purpose of aging and even death. It is important to remember, as we approach this study, that we are all fallen and at times have been forced to make difficult decisions that time and thought made regrettable. Remember that God is a God of grace and can use the most difficult of trials in our lives for His glory.

It is important to get the word out every way possible. The following lesson titles and objectives are structured for use in newsletters, church bulletins, e-mail, and other sources such as Facebook and blogs.

  • Session One: Why Are We Here?

Group members will focus on the uniqueness of humanity and God’s intentions for us as His special creation. Because God has set us apart from the rest of His creation, we need to understand our unique place in God’s design.

  • Session Two: What Makes Us Human?

Group members will focus on the whole “quality of life” issue. Some in our society suggest a child with genetic and other disabilities would have been better off aborted. A few have even gone so far as to say a child is not human until fully socialized. What does God have to say about those who are born with physical, emotional, and mental challenges?

  • Session Three: Who Decides When We Leave?

Group members will study the topic of aging, God’s purpose for the elderly, living wills, and the issue of euthanasia. The elderly are given a special place of honor in Scripture—a place that seems to be eroding in our modern culture.

  • Session Four: What Can We Do?

Group members will focus on the Christian’s relationship and responsibility to the disabled, the aging, and those facing issues of life and death.

4 sessions – 22 pages

ISBN: 9780892651665

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