Apologetics: How to Defend the Faith

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Apologetics simply stated is a defense of Christianity. The word comes from the Greek apologia plainly defined as “defense.” Thus, the study of apologetics essentially establishes why it is reasonable to be a Christian by presenting and defending the evidence that supports Christianity. The study of apologetics covers a wide array of issues. In today’s society, many attacks come upon Christianity that require believers to be able to defend the faith that they rely upon. This study will help Christians understand and explain their faith.

  • Session 1: Be Prepared

In this session participants will learn the basic meaning of the study of apologetics while learning the biblical call to know about their faith.

  • Session 2: What Are the Results?

In this session participants will look at the biblical call of apologetics and knowledge, and the effects these can have on their lives and those around them.

  • Session 3: Looking Back is a Good Thing

In this session participants will look at a brief history of defending Christianity and understand the impact it has upon the Church today.

  • Session 4: Which Way?

In this session, participants will look at the beliefs of other religions and how Christians should respond.

4 sessions – 24 pages

ISBN: 9780892651580

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