At the Crossroads

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atthecrossroads-1You, God, and Your Midlife Years

It is difficult to read any magazine or newspaper article these days without seeing some reference to “Baby Boomers”—the huge group of 7+ million individuals born between 1946 and 1964. Boomers now have arrived at their midlife years; and, because of them, midlife has become an important topic. This study of midlife spirituality has been written to help middle-aged adults grow closer to God during their midlife years.

But, midlife is about more than the emergence of gray hairs and some hard-to-control waistlines. Midlife often is a time when individuals review their experiences, ponder the future, and take stock of life’s meaning. These considerations inevitably lead midlifers to God. With their own mortality creeping up on them, even midlife adults who never had a relationship with God begin to examine their spirituality. Midlife is a golden opportunity to review and renew our relationship with God and gain valuable insights from our own life stories that reveal how God has led us to where we are and how He can help us prepare for later life.

These sessions focus on the unique spiritual crossroads of midlife. By exploring these crossroads with God and His Word as guides, small group members can gain a clearer understanding of their pasts, live more fully in the present, and approach older age with the peace and confidence only God can provide.

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  • Session 1: AARP Wants to Contact You—And So Does God

In this first lesson, we consider the “shock” of realizing that we’re old enough to join AARP, who wastes no time or effort contacting us to sign up.

  • Session 2: Class Reunions

In this second lesson, we look back at some earlier versions of ourselves and ask: “How have I changed? Do I view God differently now than when I was younger? If so, how?

  • Session 3: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Our third lesson leads us to explore our attitudes about aging, comparing our perspectives and God’s.

  • Session 4: When I’m 64—And Older

In this final lesson, we look ahead to our later life and examine our preparations both materially and spiritually.

4 sessions – 22 pages


ISBN: 9780892651443

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