The Builders’ Builder

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In His infinite wisdom, the Creator of the cosmos brought our world into existence. When this ultimate Builder constructed us out of nothing, He gifted those made in His image with the ability to be builders themselves. It is not that we can speak the world into existence, as He did. But we can be constructive with the talents and skills with which He has gifted us. In this unit you will delve into the various aspects of the Builder, His builders, the demolitionists (those attempting to destroy good), and the call to recruit new builders of His house.

  • Session 1: The Builder

Group members will examine key Scriptures pertaining to the creative acts of God, as  He brought the cosmos into existence from seemingly nothing, and will explore the awesome power of the Creator and His love for life.

  • Session 2: The Builders

Group members will learn that whatever their creative abilities, God has graced each child of God with the talent to be a builder of God’s House.

  • Session 3: The Demolitionists

Group members will understand that the gifts God has given them to build up God’s
House can also be used destructively. They will analyze how some members selfishly
attempt to tear down the Lord’s Church, even those with possible sincere intentions.

  • Session 4: Calling New Builders

Group members will see that being living examples of Christ and offering people the
unconditional love of God goes a long way to saving souls.

4 sessions — 14 pages

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