Change the World

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Change the World

Many young adults are looking to change the world they live in. They understand that something is not right, and they have a desire to do their part to bring the remedy. Jesus gave the best example of how to change the world. He challenged His followers that the best way to lead was to serve. This study examines the why and the how to serving like Jesus.

  • Session 1: The Attitude of Service
    Group members will examine how prejudices interfere with serving and will realize Jesus calls us to serve those we hate.
  • Session 2: The People We Serve
    Group members will know God wants us to love and serve those we consider lower than ourselves. This is based on Jesus’ example of spending time with the lower class and those that were hated.
  • Session 3: Everyday Service
    Group members will know Jesus served those closest to Him. They will reflect and realize serving the ones we know is sometimes the most difficult, but is necessary to show God’s love.
  • Session 4: Ultimate Service
    Group members will have a better understanding of Jesus’ greatest act of service and the implications for His followers in our service to others.

4 sessions – 20 pages

ISBN: 9780892651962

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