The Christian Fruit Stand

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thechristianfruitstandLiving a devoted Christian life is something we all need to work on daily. Children are no exception to this. Children need to realize that being a Christian is not just going to church and taking part in the various activities their local church provides. Being a Christian is so much more. In these lessons, your students will have the opportunity to study the characteristics that God wants to make prevalent in their lives.

These characteristics are called the Fruit of the Spirit. In order to help students learn each fruit they will be introduced to a boy named Christian Goodfruit. Christian will begin in session one as an unbeliever and learn what it means to be a Christian. As the sessions progress, Christian will learn new things about
living a life devoted to God. In each lesson, your students will have the opportunity to apply what Christian has learned to their own lives. Learning about the fruit of the Spirit will enable your students to grow toward maturity. Hopefully by the end of these lessons we will all become more “fruity” Christians.

Session 1: The Seed of Love is Planted

This first lesson will help students realized the power of God’s love working through us.

Session 2: Joy and Peace Take Root

The second lesson on the fruit of the spirit will help students learn to rely upon God for true joy and peace even in the middle of difficult times in their lives.

Session 3: Patience, Kindness, and Goodness Sprout

By the end of this lesson your students should understand the qualities of patience, kindness, and goodness and their importance in the lives of Christians.

Session 4: Faith, Meekness, and Self-Control Bloom

In the final session, students will learn the importance of faith and how to better demonstrate meekness and self-control.

4 sessions – 18 pages


ISBN: 9780892651245

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