Daniel: The Interpreter of Dreams

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This is a biographical character study of the Old Testament prophet Daniel. It is chronological in nature and pulls out various events and people in his life that helped shape his character. As we discuss these events in Daniel’s life, we will see the value of spiritual discipline, faith in God, and pure lifestyle. These five sessions are each very different and equally important.

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If you use PowerPoint, there are suggestions for slides found in the lessons. Each lesson has reproducible handouts for you to use. The main lesson is for you—it is written to you. This curriculum is written to be discussion driven and application oriented. We have provided tips for you along the way to help you and the group feel comfortable discussing the various topics.

  • Session 1 “Daniel Had a Plan For His Life”

(Daniel 1:1-20) In our first session, we will learn how to be bold in the face of persecution.

  • Session 2: Daniel’s Friends Had Strong Character

(Daniel 3:1-30) In our second session, we will discuss how to stand fast on our biblical convictions when the world tries to make us do the wrong thing.

  • Session 3: Daniel Influenced the Very Powerful

(Daniel 4:37) In our third session, we will talk about the dangers of pride.

  • Session 4: Daniel Tried to Help Those Who Acted Foolishly

(Daniel 5:1-31) In our fourth session, we will consider how disregard for God can bring disastrous consequences.

  • Session 5: Daniel Maintained His Reputation Into His Old Age

(Daniel 6:1-27) In our last session, we will study the importance of finishing well spiritually.

5 sessions – 23 pages

ISBN: 9780892656189


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