David – Conquering King, Conquered Man

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King David accomplished many things in the forty years of his rule over Israel. He consolidated the kingdom, established its capital, expanded its territory, unified its people, and is mentioned more in the New Testament than Moses or Abraham. But David’s greatest triumphs had less to do with military campaigns and external success and more to do with a virtually unseen campaign—the battle for his own mind and heart.

This study focuses on David’s years as king: his victories and defeats and the lessons he learned through them all. He was a conquering king and more important a conquered man. A companion study, David: A Godward Heart in a Drifting World, covers David’s early years.

It is important to get the word out every way possible. The following lesson titles and objectives are structured for use in newsletters, church bulletins, e-mail, and other sources such as Facebook and blogs.

  • Lesson One: The Giant Within
    Early in David’s life, he fought and defeated the most infamous giant in history, Goliath. Now, as he was about to ascend to the throne, the king-to-be had to face his greatest giant of all—the one that hid within his own heart. In this session, we learn that the toughest battle is not with external enemies but rather with self.
  • Lesson Two: Turning Point
    Immediately following Saul’s death, King David had two great decisions to make: how would he respond to the death of the man that had sought to kill him and what he would do about the dishonor brought on God’s name when Israel lost the Ark of the Covenant. Both events served as tests of David’s character and how he would deal with his own personal failure and success.
  • Lesson Three: The Problem with Success
    The first half of David’s reign as king brought amazing success to the people he led. But during his highest point of rule, David succumbed to the most base of temptations. In this session, we learn the most dangerous times of life for a believer may not be when things are going bad but rather when everything seems perfect.
  • Lesson Four: Final Exam
    God worked to plant many life principles in David’s life through both success and failure. Nearing the end of his reign, David was given a final exam in a most unusual way. How he reacted to this circumstance would dictate whether he truly was a man with a Godward heart. The test is simple and yet often failed; will we give to others the same grace that has been given to us?


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