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9780892651481-1Light for the gloomy soul

Daybreak—Light for the Gloomy Soul is a study of God’s comfort and truth for those dealing with sadness, emotional struggles, and/or depression. Although not a treatment or cure for the serious and complex issue of depression, this Bible study seeks to recognize the reality of emotional distress and address the spiritual truths used to combat those struggles.

Depression has been an embarrassing or taboo topic in the Church for too long. One  look through Psalms, Lamentations, and other Bible books, reveals that the emotional health of His children is important to God. This Bible study leads participants to recognize and analyze the “bad days” of many biblical heroes, encouraging them that they are not alone and providing footholds to withstand the days of misery, despair, and

Whether dealing with the depression of a loved one, personally navigating difficult  moments, or even in the throes of deep depression, Daybreak—Light for the Gloomy Soul provides hope and truth to aid in God’s work of healing the heartbroken.

It is very important to get the word out for this study in every way possible. The
following lesson titles and objectives are structured for use in church bulletins and
newsletters, emails, or Facebook groups. They are even short enough to be used as text
messages to remind group members of upcoming meetings.

  • Living in twilight

Groups members will become aware of the characteristics of depression and God’s
concern for the depressed soul.

  • The Light of Insight

Group members will learn about the most common causes of depression and how that
knowledge can aid in hope and healing.

  • Midnight Madness

Group members will understand how the proper reaction to life’s difficulties can fight
against or ward off the misery of depressed thinking.

  • The Morning Star

Group members will dive into Scripture to learn how the Savior, our Morning Star,
shines brightest in the darkness of life.

4 sessions — 23 pages

ISBN: 9780892651481

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