Digging into the Word

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Digging into the Word: Before the World Digs into You


Believers who are eager to understand God’s Word often take two divergent paths toward their goal. Some are full of zeal and dive in, sure that their sincerity and eagerness to learn is all they need to understand the Bible. Others take a more analytical approach and read the Bible like a textbook trusting in their scholarship to give them a better grip on truth. So which is right?

The Missionary-Apostle Paul commended the people in the town of Berea for understanding that zeal combined with in-depth study is what makes for a faithful student of God’s Word. He commended them because they received God’s Word with readiness and searched the Scriptures daily to find out the truth (Acts 17:11). It is that combination of zealous digging into God’s Word for one’s self that makes for mature believers.
The title of this study is “Digging into the Word: Before the World Digs into You.” We are constantly bombarded with the philosophies, principles and ideas of this world everywhere we turn. The greatest protection we have against being wrongly influenced by these forces is to entrench ourselves in the Word of God. Hopefully, this study will help lay the ground work for a lifetime of being a “noble Berean.”

  • Lesson One: The Bible Student’s Pledge
    Every man and woman who enters the military must pledge an oath of enlistment in which they covenant to follow certain uniform codes of justice. While believers are not required to sign any such oath we have a much higher calling to covenant in our hearts to be faithful to God’s Word and apply it to our lives in a walk of faith. This lesson focuses on some basic commitments every faithful student of God’s Word needs to make.
  • Lesson Two: Analyzing a Passage
    Just about any trip far from home requires a fair amount of planning. But what about a trip that will last a lifetime and has eternal consequences? A life in the Word is a journey that requires diligence, planning, prayer and a determination to know for one’s self what God says. This lesson covers a basic strategy for digging into God’s Word that any believer can use.
  • Lesson Three: Key Ideas and Diagnostic Tools
    While all we need to obey God is an open Bible and a willing heart, there are some simple tools that can help you along in your journey of discovery. Bible College and Seminaries are wonderful for those who can attend but everyone can do their own in-depth study with nothing more than a good concordance, Bible dictionary and cross reference Bible.
  • Lesson Four: Continuing Education
    Many occupations require the worker to have regular continued education or professional development. This reminds them of things they may have forgotten, teaches them new things, and reminds them how important it is to keep on learning. As believers we must always maintain a teachable spirit and be committed to a lifetime of learning. This lesson ties together some unifying principles about a Bible learner.


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