Disabled Disciples

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God does not always use people who are physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, or socially perfect. He does not even always use people who are in adequate health. In fact, sometimes He uses people through their physical disability rather than in spite of it. One of the many clear messages of the Bible is that God can use anyone in any fashion He wants.

Through this study, group members will learn about four permanently or temporarily disabled disciples. We will look at four very different people who shared physical weakness in one form or another. Through their disabilities these men can teach us much. They will teach about such things as faith, perseverance, loyalty, kindness, humility, obedience, redemption, and love.

  • Session 1: Job – the Sufferer Who Sought God’s Voice

Group members will learn the lessons of Job’s suffering faithfulness. They will see how these qualities eternally dwell in the true Christian regardless of the circumstances.

  • Session 2: Mephibosheth – the Cripple Who Ate with a King

Group members should come to see loyalty and kindness portrayed in the story of Mephibosheth. They will become better equipped to demonstrate these qualities in their own Christian lives.

  • Session 3: Naaman – the Leper Who Lowered Himself

Group members will discover the faces of humility and obedience in the story of Naaman. They will see how God expects this kind of reaction from everyone.

  • Session 4: Paul – the Blind Man Who Saw the Lord

Group members will see redemption and love portrayed in the story of Paul. They will see how everyone is born spiritually blind and only truly learn to see upon acceptance of the redemptive gift of God. They will learn we must recognize our flaws to fully recognize we need Jesus’ help.

4 sessions – 26 pages


ISBN: 9780892651764

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