Faces of the Law

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9780892651412-free-sample-1Popular culture would have people believe a truth is only true if an individual makes it true. In other words, society wants us to believe we can discard truths based on fickle popular ideas or our personal changing situations. Living in the midst of such a society confuses the Christian. Thus, the message of Ephesians 4:4-6 becomes at best negotiable and at worst abandoned. Unfortunately, many Christians cannot identify worldly philosophy from Christian doctrine.

Through Faces of the Law, participants will understand the stability and authority of truth. Together, these faces give the truth of Christianity substance. Out of these faces flows the true freedom of faith in God. In His great authority, God has established a law, a boundary. He is our loving divine Parent. These laws create boundaries, but that is only the beginning; The law leads to liberty. The law teaches liberty. The law is liberty.

It is very important to get the word out for this study in every way possible. The following lessons titles and objectives are structured for use in church bulletins and newsletters, emails, text messages or Facebook groups.

  • Session 1: The Face of Authority

Group members will recognize the authorities of the law: the Word and God the Father.

  • Session 2: The Face of the Father’s Plan

Group members should come to see faith and obedience in the authoritative Word of God results in spiritual growth and the furtherance of God’s perfect plan.

  • Session 3: The Face of Freedom—In and Out

Group members will discover freedom proceeds from love of God’s law. Spiritual freedom involves wisdom.

  • Session 4: The Face of Freedom—Up and Down

Group members will understand all people are free to live for the world or to live for Jesus.

4 sessions — 18 pages

ISBN: 9780892651412— $9.99

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