Financial Faithfulness

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Have you ever wondered if the Bible gives any direct instructions about handling your finances?  Are there actual biblical concepts about money management recorded in the pages of God’s Word?  The answer is yes!  The Bible has never, and will never, lose its relevance.  Its pages are filled with sound biblical principles that offer as much help today as when it was first written.

This study guarantees to equip the citizens of a materialistic-driven society to focus on sound biblical financial principles, which if applied, will help them to experience the joy of giving, while reflecting the wisdom of God in their financial dealings.

    • Session 1: Common Cents About Money

      Group members will discover what the Christian’s attitude toward money should be according to the Word of God.

    • Session 2: The Grimy World of Greed

      Group members will examine the bottomless pit of greed and understand how it should not be part of the believer’s life.

    • Session 3: The Buck Stops Here

      Group members will be armed with the skills necessary to begin proper money management, as they learn some helpful hints to gain control over unhealthy spending habits.

    • Session 4: Turning the Tables on Gambling

      Group members will experience an in-depth tour of the gambling underworld, exposing their lies and tricks.

4 sessions – 23 pages


ISBN: 9780892651511

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