Finding Purpose in the Difficult Circumstances of Life

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Finding Purpose in the Difficult Circumstances of Life is a study written to help group participants discover God’s purpose for their lives. In the beautiful story of Esther, we find individuals whose unique stories make this a favorite for people all over the world and from every background. In just one small book of the Old Testament, we have a story that has it all: mystery, love, deception, hatred, and redemption. And in this story, we will be reminded again and again that God is sovereign and uses all things for His glory and our good.

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  • Session 1: Behind the Scenes

In this first session participants wil learn that God often does His work behind the scenes.

  • Session 2: God Uses Relationships

God uses relationships to help us live out our purpose.

  • Session 3: God’s Purpose Overcome Challenges

God’s purposes are never thwarted by the challenges we face.

  • Session 4: God’s Plan Always Prevails

God works amazing things in our lives when we submit ourselves to Him.

  • Session 5: Our Eternally Significant Purpose

God has an eternally significant purpose for each person.

5 sessions – 26 pages


ISBN: 9780892651252

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