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9780892651719_thumbBe Confident You’re a Christian

The answers to the question—how do you know you’re saved—are numerous; many give confident responses resting on the merits of good works and being good people. Some recite religious creeds and codes and provide a calendar of regular church attendance
. . . or their certificate of baptism. Others say they feel right with God; they feel good.  And those who are blatantly honest, use phrases like, “think so,” “hope so,” and “we’ll see.” The sad, disturbing part? These are answers from the church congregation.

The need of assurance of salvation is one of the most essential needs for Christian living in today’s culture. So much rests upon this one issue of assurance—the ability to grow spiritually, the incentive to serve Christ and others, the faith to keep trusting God, and the motivation to share the gospel.

This study, For Sure—Be a Confident Christian—discusses the fears and anxieties regarding assurance that are plaguing the Church, provides in-depth learning into the Bible, and understanding what God says on the issue. Don’t succumb to doubts any longer. You and your group can know how to become a Christian and be a confident Christian.

  • Session 1: Yeah, I’m a Christian

Group members will discuss reasons behind the doubts and fears sometimes associated
with assurance of salvation, and study the Bible’s response to such anxieties.

  • Session 2: Apathetic Assurance?

Group members will grasp the significance of assurance of salvation in a believer’s life
and be challenged to allow that knowledge to impact their lives.

  • Session 3: Prove It

Group members will be able to identify the proofs of Christianity in a person’s life,
including their own.

  • Session 4: Freedom to Be Faithful

Group members will realize the four results of assurance of salvation—freedom from
guilt, incentives for service and growth, the cause for perseverance, and greater
confidence in sharing the gospel of Christ.

4 sessions – 22 pages


ISBN: 9780892651719

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