Four Men, One Story

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The Lives of the Gospel Writers

Most of us have read their words many times, but how much do we really know about the men that wrote the words? Four Men, One Story is a four-week study that focuses on the lives of four very different New Testament writers. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John would not have been picked by any employment agency as the best candidates to start a worldwide movement. Each had personality flaws and background issues that might have stood in their way. Instead, they followed Jesus and were changed in the process.

  • Session 1: Matthew—The Bridge Builder

Group members will learn how his upbringing and occupation prepared Matthew to build a bridge between Old Testament Judaism and the New Testament Church.

  • Session 2: Mark—Growing up on the Mission Field

Group members will study how God took an immature believer, provided him with a true friend in a time of failure, and grew him to maturity in a foreign environment.

  • Session 3: Luke—Writing a Prescription for all People

Group members will discover, of all the gospel writers, Luke offers the most unique and varied viewpoint of Christ and the gospel.

  • Session 4: John—Son of Thunder, Apostle of Love

Group members will discover the radical change the grace of Christ can make in the life of a person wholly committed to Him.


4 sessions – 22 pages

ISBN: 9780892651634

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