God’s Compass

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God's compass

Where is God going with my life?

This women’s study about discovering God’s will has been written to help you and your participants develop a working relationship between God’s Word and discerning His will for your life. The Bible has always been and will always be a lamp for our feet and a light for our path guiding us into God’s perfect will. Participants will discover that God’s will never contradicts His Word.

This simple study will help Christians discern the difference between God’s general will and his specific will. Group members will no longer confuse God’s will with something a person does rather than what a person is. They will learn that God’s will is both who they are and what they do. By the end of these four sessions you and your participants will know what God wants: God’s will is for everyone to accept Christ. The question will be: Are you marching in sync to the beat of the heavenly drum?

Each lesson has reproducible student handouts for you to use.

This curriculum is written to be discussion-driven with plenty of practical application. Outreach is very important as you begin a new Bible study. Below you will find the title and descriptions of each lesson so you can announce it in the church bulletin, emails, postcards, text messages, and social networking statuses.

  • Session 1: The Divine Drummer

This session is designed to clear away the confusion regarding God’s will.

  • Session 2: Asking for Directions

Group members will discover that God’s will is obvious in His Word.

  • Session 3: Decisions! Decisions! Decisions!

Group members will realize the importance of implementing biblical fundamentals when attempting to discover God’s will in decision making.

  • Session 4: Service with a Smile

Group members realize that God’s will is not something to be dreaded, but something that gives purpose and joy to each Christian’s life.

4 sessions – 22 pages


ISBN: 9780892651498

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