God and Me

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Learning to grow in intimacy with God

A Bible study on spiritual disciplines such as prayer, Bible study, quiet time, and journaling.

This study of spiritual disciplines has been written to bring you and the participants closer to God. Without question, spiritual disciplines are challenging to implement; even those “easy” ones such as praying and reading the Bible often get pushed to the side because of busy schedules, interrupted routines, and outright negligence. Yet, these disciplines are necessary to building a relationship with Christ. These are not chores to check off; these are ways to get to know your God. It’s about relationship.

This Bible study covers the ins and outs of what it takes to achieve spiritual growth in the Christian life. By uncovering relationship fears, studying God’s Word, and experimenting with various disciplines, the small group members will come to understand the invaluable benefits of quality time with God.

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  • Session 1 “Getting to Know You”

    In our first session, we will realize God’s deep desire to have a relationship with us, and commit ourselves to developing a deeper relationship with Christ.

  • Session 2 “Love Letters”

    In our second session, we will be challenged to incorporate regular Bible reading, study, and meditation into our Christian walk.

  • Session 3 “Quiet, Quality Time”

    Our third session will focus on the benefits of silence and solitude and the importance of quiet, quality time with God.

  • Session 4 “Words From My Heart”

    In our final session we will realize journaling can be a tool for spiritual growth and be challenged to journal on a regular basis.

4 sessions – 22 pages

ISBN: 9780892656165

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