God’s Financial Plan

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9780892651710_thumbSome Basics on Giving

God’s Financial Plan is a four week study that focuses on some basic principles of giving found in both the Old and New Testament. In the 1990’s (often called the decade of greed) real income in America doubled. Instead of bringing greater personal stability this was the decade in which the divorce rate doubled, teen suicide tripled, and unwed births quintupled. It was also a decade in which fortunes made during the .com boom evaporated faster than they had been made.

Our study will lead us to discover God’s economy in contrast to man’s. We will learn how worship, faith and generosity are inseparable from one another.

  • Session One: God’s Economy

Christians must base their ideas about money on God’s economy rather than man’s. The Bible calls for some radically different ideas about wealth, possessions, and giving.

  • Session Two: Giving and Worship

Too many people see giving as little more than a good tax write-off but Scripture presents a believer’s giving as an act of worship.

  • Session Three: Faith and Generosity

There is a direct link between faith in God and the depth of our generosity toward others.

  • Session Four: God’s Investment Plan

Everyone needs a plan for their own economic well-being. God is the best financial adviser we could ever have, but beware; His investment plan is a lot different from Wall Street.

4 sessions – 22 pages


ISBN: 9780892651740

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