Growing Godly Marriages

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The institution of marriage originated in the Garden of Eden and continues to present day. However, many changes have taken place. Even the definition of marriage has changed. Older dictionaries define marriage as a union between a man and a woman while some newer dictionaries define marriage simply as the union between two people. What caused everything to change?

All problems can be traced back to sin. When sin entered the lives of Adam and Eve all creation suffered—even the institution of marriage. God intended one man to be with one woman for life, and yet we see marriages crumbling to ruins all around us. Even Christian marriages aren’t spared the destructiveness of sin. What can be done?
The solution to all of life’s problems is God. We must return to God’s Word for instruction. We must commit to knowing and applying what His Word says to our lives—including our marriages. This study is a good place to start.

We will look at God’s design for marriage from what our personal foundation must be to our individual responsibilities as husbands and wives. Think of this study as a seed to be planted in your hearts. With proper nourishment and care that seed will grow and blossom into the marriage God intended. Are you ready to start planting?

It is very important to get the word out for this study in every way possible. The following  lessons titles and objectives are structured for use in church bulletins and newsletters, emails, text messages or Facebook groups.

  • Session 1: Rooted in God

Group members will understand that a personal relationship with God is important and necessary for a successful marriage.

  • Session 2: Growing in God

Group members will be able to list the biblical reasons for marriage and describe the characteristics of a godly marriage.

  • Session 3: Loving like Jesus

Group members will understand the duties or responsibilities of husbands as given in Scripture.

  • Session 4: Submitting like Jesus

Group members will understand the duties or responsibilities of  wives as given in Scripture.

4 sessions – 22 pages


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