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Finding True Happiness

The Beatitudes are the beginning of Jesus’ famous Sermon on the Mount. Interestingly, this sermon was quite controversial at the time Jesus gave it. The Jewish religion had disintegrated into a performance-based religion of laws and traditions. Jesus’ words in Matthew chapters 5-7 make it clear that the attitude of the heart is very important to God. Blindly following laws and traditions was not good enough.

Our motives and our attitudes are important to God. Thankfully, Jesus begins His great sermon with a description of the attitudes God desires to see in us. These attitudes are crucial in our search for the H factor—true happiness. This study will focus on those attitudes and strive to help upper elementary-aged students understand how to implement those principles into their lives.

  • Session 1: True Happiness Starts With Humility

Students will recognize the importance of humility and meekness and will identify ways to implement those traits in their lives.

  • Session 2: Are You Hungry for the Right Things?

Students will learn that God demands sorrow for sin and that He provides all they need to grow spiritually.

  • Session 3: Real Mercy

Students will recognize mercy and the importance of being genuine. They will identify ways to display mercy to others.

  • Session 4: Special Agents of Peace

Students will learn that God desires us to be peacemakers, even when the world doesn’t want peace with us.

4 sessions – 22 pages

ISBN: 9780892651382

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