Hear His Voice, Know His Calling

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It is abundantly clear from reading the Bible that God has spoken to women in the past– but is God still speaking to women in the present? How can we know the call of God on our lives and passionately pursue it? Knowing God’s call begins with attentive listening. Recognizing God’s voice in the midst of so many voices is a skill that we must develop. Responding to His call requires wisdom and discernment as we consider how that unique call might be fulfilled. This study is designed to help women embrace God’s calling and better know His purpose for their lives. These lessons are written to help women understand that God has not stopped speaking and to be on the receiving end of God’s communication is joyful and adventuresome. We never know where God might lead and what exactly He has in mind for us to do. One thing is for sure, as we obediently listen to His voice, we will discover that God has great and mighty things in store for each one of us.



  • Session 1: Hearing God’s Call in the Home
    The first challenge is to hear and answer God’s call on our lives. This lesson explores the call Samuel received from God and how God is still speaking to women in our present day.


  • Session 2: Staying Spiritually Focused in the Home
    The home is a testing ground for God’s call. In this study participants will enter into the home of Martha where she and Mary are truly known by Jesus. This lesson will help women improve spiritual focus in the home.


  • Session 3: Hearing God’s Call to Serve the Church
    This lesson discusses women and their call to serve the Church. Using Miriam’s call to be a prophetess as an example, the role of women in Christian service is explored.


  • Session 4: Hearing God’s Call to Serve the Community
    By affirming the role of women in the 21st century, this lesson challenges participants to think beyond the four walls of the church. Women are encouraged to break out of the “Christian bubble” and build relationships with people in their respective workplaces and neighborhoods.


4 sessions

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