Heritage of the Bible

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9780892651283-free-sample-1With so many opinions circulating about the credibility and usefulness of the Bible, it is important for Christians to understand the truth about the Bible’s origins. Where did it come from? Who wrote it? Is it God’s own words? By answering these questions, this study will equip group participants with the knowledge and appreciation of God’s Word, enabling them to combat the doubt and skepticism so prominent in today’s society.
Throughout these sessions, group members will study the history and development of the Bible, the biographies of Scripture writers, God’s miraculous protection of His Word, and the Bible’s credibility.
Certainly, the Holy Bible is more than a family heirloom or trendy cover stacked on a shelf. Understanding and believing the Bible as God’s letter to His creation shapes a Christian’s perspective of God’s mercy, power, and love—safeguarding a heart and mind against the deceitful tactics of Satan.

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  • Session 1: Bible Beginnings

This week our study will focus on the origins of the Bible: solidifying our beliefs and increasing our faith.

  • Session 2: Best-selling Authors

This week we will learn about the human authors of Scripture, while gaining a deeper appreciation for the Bible.

  • Session 3:  Getting Organized

This week we will seek to gain an understanding of the completeness of God’s Word and its application to our lives.

  • Session 4: As Good as His Word

In our final session will discuss the importance of a trustworthy Bible and be challenged to practice regular Bible reading and application.

4 sessions – 21 pages

ISBN: 9780892651283

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