Is Christianity Arrogant?

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9780892651269_thumbMany people believe you cannot really know truth. The postmodern mindset embraces a skepticism about the ability to know truth and objective reality. Spiritual truth claims are especially suspect in the minds of most Americans.

Since Jesus Christ claimed in John 14:6 to be THE way to God (the Father), many non-Christians perceive His exclusive statements to be the pinnacle of presumption and pride. People who follow Jesus’ teachings are believed by some to be intolerant or arrogant because they insist that Jesus is the only way.

Your role is to help facilitate discussion among your group members. You will also help them identify ways in which they experience this truth tension in their own lives, and in their relationships with other people. This study will help them understand why the claims Jesus made are most reasonable and should not be interpreted as arrogant in any way. You will also lead them into a discussion of ways in which Christians are sometimes arrogant in their communication and transmission of the truth, and what can be done to correct that error.

  • Session 1: The Battle for Truth

    Group members will discuss the tension that exists between the Modern and the Postmodern mindsets regarding truth.

  • Session 2: The Elevator

    Participants will discuss the physical and non-physical realms and learn how to talk to non-believers about things that cannot be seen.

  • Session 3: True North

    This session will equip your study group to have confidence that God has revealed His truth, and it can be known.

  • Session 4: The Humble Truth

    In this session, group members will learn how to share their faith with others in a way that is truly humble and Christlike.

4 sessions — 18 pages

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