Knowledge of the Perfect

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Knowledge of the Perfect

During this study, participants will be looking at four crucial doctrines. In so doing they will gain a better knowledge of right things, perfect truths. Of course, the journey to get to such an understanding will not be perfect. Think of these four doctrines as a great and beautiful mountain range. When one finally comes to stand on the summit of this mountain range he or she has a better view, perhaps even the “perfect view.”

This study is an introduction to the doctrines of Bibliology (doctrine of God’s Word), Theology Proper (doctrine of God), Christology (doctrine of Jesus Christ), and Pneumatology (doctrine of the Holy Spirit). A better understanding of these doctrines will enable a better grasp of the Christian faith. It will encourage further growth toward perfection in Christ.

Be aware that the terminology and concepts in this study are complicated at times. It is advised for you to prepare yourself to answer questions by familiarizing yourself with the topics. It also might be advisable to warn group members that study will be quite deep at times.

Session 1: Bibliology—The Perfection of the Word

Group members will study how the Word of God came to humanity. They will come to see why they need to take the Bible seriously.

Session 2: Theology Proper—The Perfection of God

Group members will study how Theology Proper addresses the unified trinity of God. They will learn the nature, attributes, and misconceptions concerning God.

Session 3: Christology—The Perfection of Jesus Christ

Group members will investigate the human appearance of God. They will see how it was necessary for Jesus to be all human and all God at the same time.

Session 4: Pneumatology—The Perfection of the Holy Spirit

Group members will understand the Holy Spirit is one with God the Father and God the Son. They will study the works and people of the Holy Spirit

4 sessions – 23 pages

ISBN: 9780892651504

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