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How do you react when you see a new best-seller that claims to explain the Second Coming of Christ? Do you get it, perhaps adding it to a collection of similar books you have compiled over the years? Do you stack it at the end of the row containing The Late Great Planet Earth, or the Left Behind series?

Perhaps you just roll your eyes and think to yourself as you quickly move on to something else, “Oh, no, not another one. This kind of book just confuses me. I can’t take any more!” Perhaps you think ahead to your friend who is a “second coming nut,” knowing that it will not be long before he corners you to discuss the latest discovery.

Theories and books about the Second Coming of Christ, both fact and fiction, compete for your agreement, and your money. Whatever happened to the simple claim of the apostles: Jesus will return from the right hand of the Father to judge the living and the dead?

Do you need a sharp machete to help you slash through the jungle of competing claims? Then this study is for you! It will not settle the dispute among the major interpretations, nor will it explain the Book of Revelation. It will, however, clear the air concerning some of the confusion. It will help you distinguish what nearly all Christians of all times have believed from what is particular only to certain groups. It will challenge you to live a life characterized by a more resolute faith, more obedient action, and urgent expectation of His return.

  • Session 1: It’s the End of the World As We Know it…

In our first session we will learn why the Second Coming of Christ is important and why we should go to the Bible for answers.

  • Session 2: This We Believe

In this session we will study what Christians throughout history have believed concerning the Second Coming.

  • Session 3: Timing…Is Everything?

In this session we will discuss the 1,000 year kingdom on earth known as the Millennium.

  • Session 4: And In the End…

In this session we will learn to practice unity, liberty, and love concerning the Second Coming of Christ.

4 sessions – 21 pages


ISBN: 9780892651672

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