Man of Minority

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A study in the Life of Christ

A Bible study focusing on specific examples from the life of Christ that show his compassion for the helpless.

In response to news of Jesus, Nathaniel, a future disciple of the Son of God, asked if it were possible for anything good to come out of Nazareth. Jesus arose among the poor and rejected. He traveled with a motley crew of 12 outcasts. He showed God’s grace to those who did not deserve it. He displayed compassion in totally unexpected ways. He took time to speak to the lowliest, most reviled of people. He revealed our inferiority and helplessness. He gave salvation and truth to all. He made the minority the majority. He was the man of minority.

His lessons were timeless lessons. But how are we handling the timeless principles of these lessons? We can learn so much about how to live life from what Jesus did and said. We can learn how to deal with anger, frustration, disappointment, and our fellow man. We can discover how to remain faithful to God’s Word in everyday life. Within these lessons, your small group will be challenged to live a larger-than-life Christ-like walk. Your Bible study group will be inundated with information through Scripture, thought-provoking activities, and in-depth discussions.

You will define the problems we face today. You will learn what the 12 faulty disciples learned through their Master. You will help your Bible study group better understand the compassion, understanding, forgiveness, and endurance of Jesus Christ. Take a walk in the footprints of the Savior. Take a journey with Christ that will last for all eternity. You will discover that He was a passionate man who reacted with the appropriate emotions— including anger.

Each lesson is written directly to you, the facilitator. Important tips are included and preparation is the key to success. Remember this is a discussion-driven curriculum; please give time for the participants in your group to think and discuss. As the facilitator, it is your role to encourage the group to stay active and participate in each session.

Below you will find a short description of each session that can be used for reminders in a church bulletin, email, text messages and more. The descriptions are less than 140 characters so you can use them in text messages.

  • Session 1: Man of Righteous Wrath

In our first session studying the life of Christ, we will discuss the differences between selfish and righteous anger.

  • Session 2: Man of Courageous Compassion

Session 2 will focus on courageous compassion in the life of a Christ follower.

  • Session 3: Man of Unfailing Faith

In session 3 we will discuss how we can conquer our fears by placing full trust in God.

  • Session 4: Man of Majority

In our final session we will discuss the fact that Christ came to make the minority the majority.

4 sessions – 23 pages


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