Mary Magdalene

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9780892651726_thumbWho Was She?

For centuries, speculation and religious tradition offered many theories and legends regarding the history, character, and “true” identity of Mary Magdalene—a follower of Christ during His earthly ministry. In today’s society, recent novels and movies catapulted Mary Magdalene again into the cultural spotlight. Was she a prostitute from Magdala? Was she the greatest female apostle to ever live? Did she write the Gospel of Mary? Was she Jesus’ lover? His wife? The mother of His children? Or was she a person just like us whose life was changed by the saving power of Christ?

Unfortunately, the influence of Hollywood entertainment has taken myths and hypothesis of old and created a culture of curiosity, already bent against a divine Savior, and produced information sounding more like fact than fiction.

In this study—Mary Magdalene—Who Was She?—group participants will gain answers from history and the Word of God to help them separate truth from tale, understanding Mary Magdalene’s place in Christ’s life and Christianity.

  • Session 1: Mary Magdalene—Saint or Sinner?

Group members will study the numerous accounts of Mary Magdalene’s life and place in Christianity held by various religious groups.

  • Session 2: Mary’s Myths

Group members will be introduced to the myths and false theories revolving around Mary Magdalene’s life and character.

  • Session 3: All You Need to Know

Group members will study the Bible passages referencing Mary Magdalene, understanding the importance of Mary Magdalene’s life as God presents it.

  • Session 4: Make Me Like Mary

Group members will identify the central figure in Mary Magdalene’s story—her Savior,
Jesus Christ.

4 sessions – 22 pages


ISBN: 9780892651726

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