Real Friendship

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As the years of adolescence and college days pass, “real life” leaves less time for nurturing friendships and certainly hinders the building of new ones. Careers move friends across the country. Family life takes precedence over nights out with the gals or guys. Yet the Bible tells us relationships—friendships included—are essential to a healthy spiritual life, which trickles down to all aspects of one’s life.

This study searches the Scriptures to understand the role of God as friend, the importance of friendships, what true friendship looks like, and how to be a friend to the friendless. Study sessions will also evaluate practical ways to grow and care for godly friendships.

Face it—“friends forever” isn’t just for junior high girls. It’s for you—the adult pursuing a career, raising kids, and making life work. You don’t have to do it alone. Friendship is for you. Below are some invitations for you to use to encourage participation. You should announce this study in various ways: church bulletins, announcements, newsletters, emails, and social networking. The invitations below are short enough for text messages and social networking statuses.

  • Session 1: The Best Friend

    In our first session we will discuss our best friend–God.

  • Session 2: True Friendships

    In our second session we will discuss qualities of a true friend.

  • Session 3: Fake Friendships

    In our third session we will discuss fake friendships.

  • Session 4: Redemptive Friendships

    In this final session, we will discuss and determine how we can be instrumental in sharing God’s love with our non-Christian friends.

4 sessions — 22 pages

ISBN: 9780892651290


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