Real Worship

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This youth study focuses on what it means to worship God and why it is such an essential part of every believer’s life. While music, preaching, and other forms of shared praise are important, they are the complete definition of worship. True worship reaches deeper, further, and higher than what happens in church or on youth retreats.
God does not need our worship. He is no less holy, no less powerful if we refuse Him praise. If it is true that God is not endangered by our lack of worship, then why is it so important? The answer is found in what happens to us when we fail to worship God with our whole heart and what happens when we do worship Him.  When we fail to worship God we tend to become shallow and mere shadows of what believers are intended to be. But when we worship God in spirit and truth we are not only drawn closer to Him but to each other.

  • Session One: Worship Where Spirit and Truth Meet
    A noonday meeting between Jesus and a wayward Samaritan woman became an opportunity for our Lord to provide a sound theology of worship. In this session we will discover acceptable worship is where spirit and truth meet.
  • Session Two: The Place of Real Worship
    It only takes a few chapters in the first book of the Bible to realize God declares worship to be non-optional. This session explains why worship is so important and where real worship occurs. True worship is not centered in a place at all but rather in a Person.
  • Session Three: Enemies of Real Worship
    Our study emphasizes what God calls acceptable worship. So what can make worship unacceptable? Singing, praying, and church attendance do not ensure we have truly worshiped God. In this session we will examine four enemies of real worship and how to avoid them.
  • Session Four: The Scope of Real Worship
    Real worship reaches deeper, farther, and higher than most of us tend to understand. This session focuses on the three dimensions of worship and how it affects the whole man.

4 sessions – 20 pages

ISBN: 9780892651986

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