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9780892651696_thumb-copySorting out the paradoxes of scripture

Reboot is a four week study that deals with some of the most familiar and yet difficult concepts found in God’s Word. Though none of us like to admit it, we are all influenced by the secular world. Just as spyware and viruses can bog down any computer, our minds too often become overloaded with the principles of the world system and must be rebooted through the power of Scripture.

Our study will focus on passages in the New Testament that, at first appearance, seem to make no sense to the natural mind. Sorting out these paradoxes of Scripture may prove to be the key to guarding our hearts and minds from spiritual hackers and fulfilling the Great Commission.

It is important to get the word out every way possible. The following lesson titles and objectives are structured for use in newsletters, church bulletins, email, and other
sources such as Facebook and blogs.

  • Session 1: When Paradoxes Make Sense

Our culture is dominated by ways of thinking that make Scripture seem backwards to many. Christians must reboot their minds in order to see things God’s way.

  • Session 2: Captured by Freedom

While Christ gives us freedom, we are still called His bondservants.

  • Session 3: Empowered by Weakness

First and 2 Corinthians correct these misconceptions by showing what it means to have our weaknesses made perfect in His strength.

  • Session 4: Striving to Rest

Hebrews 4 reveals what it means to rest in Christ. The paradox of striving to rest emphasizes why we must stay focused on Christ.

4 sessions — 19 pages

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