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9780892651627_thumbRecalling the Foundations of Faith

As Christians, we often become apathetic in our Christian walk. We forget that the Christian life takes commitment and focus; study and determination. Salvation is a free gift but living the lifestyle of a Christian takes discipline and endurance.

This study will help participants remember four foundations—our focus, our faith, our joy, and our heritage and in remembering, give us solid footing for our continuing walk with Jesus.

  • Session1- Retain Focus

Group members will understand and articulate the four components of a life focused fully on God.

  • Session 2 – Unforgettable Faith

Group members will recall their salvation experience, and then understand their relationship with God is the basic witnessing tool.

  • Session 3 – Reliving Joy

Group members will understand and articulate why joy is the believer’s duty and inheritance.

  • Session 4 – Heritage Helps

Group members will recall the faithfulness of those who have gone before them and allow that memory to spur them to continue in the faith.

4 sessions – 21 pages

ISBN: 9780892651627

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