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Stewardship 101

Christian stewardship is one of the most important topics for believers to understand. This study can be used for new converts and mature believers. The five lessons in Stewardship 101 help focus the participants’ attention to the biblical plan of giving back to God. The work of God’s kingdom is dependent on regular financial support of His people. The study reviews the topics of tithing, a life of stewardship, giving offerings in addition to the tithe, living our whole life as an offering to God and giving the gospel to others.

  • Session 1: From the Heart

The purpose of this first session is to introduce God’s biblical plan for personal and collective giving for Christians. Also to understand the importance of establishing the correct foundation upon which the biblical plan of giving rests.

  • Session 2: Stewards of More Than Money

We will learn the meaning of true Christian stewardship and define the responsibility of every Christian to manage the things which God has entrusted.

  • Session 3: Tithing: God’s Systematic and Proportional Plan for Giving

The purpose of this session is to define and understand God’s special pattern of giving for the Christian.

  • Session 4: Beyond the Tithe

We will learn that Christian stewardship is more than the tithe; it means being good stewards of all that God has blessed us with.

  • Session 5: Good Stewards of the Great Gospel

Our purpose in this session is to sense the urgency of understanding, preparing for, and sharing the rich treasure of Christ’s glorious Gospel with those who have never experienced it.

5 sessions – 21 pages

ISBN: 9780892651733

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