The Christian and Chronic Illness

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Living with chronic illness is a daunting challenge. Whether one is ill, or simply loves and cares for the ill person, chronic illness forces a person to confront issues of faith and healing. The Christian and Chronic Illness: A Biblical Perspective is a four-week study designed to provide participants with a biblical perspective of illness and healing, and some practical approaches to surviving and thriving through chronic illness.

  • Session 1: A Sick World
    This session focuses on the entrance of illness into our world, the causes of illness as seen in the Bible, and affirms that God is good, compassionate, and merciful.
  • Session 2: Our Healing God
    This session demonstrates that God has power over all disease, and all healing (natural or supernatural) comes from Him. It also helps participants to consider why God sometimes chooses not to heal.
  • Session 3: When God Says No
    After acknowledging the reality of living with chronic illness, this session focuses on the fact that illness is a temporary condition for the believer and challenges participants to consider what we are to do while we wait for healing, whether it comes in this life or in eternity.
  • Session 4: The Path to Peace
    Focusing on Psalm 73, this session warns of the danger envy poses for the chronically ill and considers the corrective power of worship before challenging participants to take practical action to draw near to God, trust Him, and declare His works.

4 sessions – 24 pages

ISBN: 9780892651955

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