The Dating Dilemma

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9780892651597_thumb2Some young adults today are either focused on school or driven by their careers—or maybe both. Many live a life focused on relationships—friendships and dating. It is difficult for Christians to understand dating from a Biblical worldview, while living in the 21st century. How do Christian young adults date in today’s world? How do Christians hold onto their values and standards while dating? This study looks at some practical ways for Christians to be successful in their dating life.

  • Session 1: Before the Date: What Should I Expect?

This discussion will examine possibilities of how young adults should biblically approach dating, and provide tips to prepare for the first date.

  • Session 2: Before the Date: Who is the Perfect Date?

This discussion will challenge the group to make dating decisions based on more than how a person looks.

  • Session 3: During the Date: How Far Should Can I Go?

This lesson will enable young adults to create a plan that outlines their physical intimacy boundaries before marriage.

  • Session 4: After the Date: Will I Ever Find the Right One?

This lesson will examine how a Christian adult can handle singleness, and understand what God says about married life versus single life.

4 sessions – 22 pages

ISBN: 9780892651597

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