The Gospel of Creation

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The Gospel of CreationWhy Our Beginnings Matter

Albert Einstein, one of the greatest scientific minds of the last century was once asked to comment on Quantum Mechanics. Without hesitation he replied, “God does not play dice with the universe.” Unfortunately, Einstein’s ideas of God and how He brought the universe into order were far different from the Biblical account. Over the last 150 years Christians have found themselves varying from being at odds with modern scientific explanations for matter and man to creating elaborate, quasi-biblical compromises with the generally accepted views of evolution.

In these four sessions, we will seek to discover what the Author of Creation says and how we as believers should respond to those who doubt His record. It is important to get the word out every way possible. The following lesson titles and objectives are structured for use in newsletters, church bulletins, e-mail, and other sources such as Facebook and blogs.

  • Session 1: In Beginning – God –

What we believe about creation is far more than a story or a scientific theory; it is at the heart of our faith. This session focuses on the Biblical foundations of creation and the role of our Creator God in the formation of the universe and man. Scripture makes no distinction between the literal account of creation and the words of Jesus. Separating them does more damage to our credibility than we often realize.

  • Session 2: Then Man Said –

The book of Genesis is a record, not only of God’s creative work but of fallen man’s response to the Creator. While theories of evolution may seem relatively new, they are in fact as old as man himself. This session focuses on faulty theories of naturalistic evolution and the implications for those that embrace them.

  • Session 3: Shaky Responses –

Since the dawning of the modern scientific age, Christians have found themselves on the defensive about things once generally accepted as true. Numerous supposed biblical compromises with naturalistic evolution have found their way into the mainstream of thought in the church. In this session we focus on some of these compromises: Theistic evolution, the Day-Age and Gap theory, and other attempts to reconcile the Bible with modern science.

  • Session 4: Firm Foundations –

This session seeks to answer some difficult yet essential questions about the biblical accounts, modern science, and the witness of the church. Is the Bible scientifically accurate? How do we reason with those who embrace naturalistic and theistic evolution? Does it really matter what we believe about the age of the earth and the formation of man? How can we educate ourselves and our children to maintain these biblical foundations?

4 sessions – 23 pages


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