What’s the Problem?

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9780892651399_thumbStudying God’s Promises to Battle the Problems of Life

No one, no matter how faithful to God, is exempt from problems. If a person expects sunshine and roses for the Christian life, then disappointment will be the only reward. Thanks to sin and a sinful nature, humanity–Christians included–cannot escape the troubling circumstances and consequences filling the world.

Yet, a solution exists–not one to avoid life’s challenges, but one to cultivate contentment, joy, and peace in the midst of whatever problems arise. What’s the Problem? helps group members recognize the subtle work of Satan and false methods of “escape” and invites them to choose the real solution to life’s problems. God’s Word is bountiful in truth to bring perspective and victory to any predicament or crisis.

It is very important to get the word out for this study in every way possible. The following lessons titles and objectives are structured for use in church bulletins, newsletters, emails, text messages or Facebook groups.

  • Session 1: Dealing with the Difficult

    Group members will focus, not on the problems they face, but rather on the principles God gives in His Word to help solve life’s difficulties.

  • Session 2: It’s Personal

    Group members examine two of their most personal relationships—with God and
    themselves—to discover any misconceptions creating problems in their lives.

  • Session 3: Priceless

    Group members will understand how a non-biblical perspective of possessions and a
    rebellion against discipline leads to difficulties in life.

  • Session 4: Life Support

    Group members will study God’s promise never to forsake them, no matter the sin, troubled circumstance, or life problem they face.

4 sessions – 21 pages

ISBN: 9780892651399$9.99

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