When Worlds Collide: Part 1

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In the face of a culture which seems increasingly antagonistic toward the claims of Christ, the temptation to avoid the world and huddle behind the safety of our church walls is very real. But, this is not our calling. The Apostle Peter urged the first century church to always be ready to give a reason for the hope that is found within them. Two thousand years later, that challenge is just as important as ever.
As we move through this study we will examine what God identifies as essentials in preparing to witness for Christ to those who do not share our basic worldview. We will also discover the seven pillars of a Biblical worldview which form the framework for how we view God, the world, and purpose in life.


  • Session 1: Understanding Worldviews
    This session uses Colossians as a foundation for understanding how Christians can prepare themselves for presenting their faith outside the walls of the church.


  • Session 2: Preparation for Confrontation
    This session focuses on various passages in Proverbs and emphasizes the value of wisdom in the believer’s life. Too many Christians think one must have an exceptional intelligence to defend the faith—this is not the message of Solomon.


  • Session 3: Taking It to the Streets
    This session focuses on Paul’s engagements with the culture of his day. Believers are not called to hide in theological and cultural fortresses but rather to be prepared to engage the culture around them with the truths of God’s Word.


  • Session 4: Be Ready!
    This session focuses on various New Testament passages that stress the necessity of sharing our faith and the realities that accompany that calling. We don’t have to be the best educated to face opposing worldviews but we do have to be faithful.



4 sessions

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